7 Reasons for Creation

There are hundreds of reasons to prove that the creation around us is made by God. Here are a few of them:

1     The intricate detail of each unique creation whether it be animal, fish, bird or human being points to a God who made each one.

2     The sheer enormity and extent of what we naturally see around us let alone that which can’t be seen with the human eye shows that there is an ordered creator behind it.

3    The fact that the Son of God, Jesus, came to our planet and we human beings are like him shows that God is in touch with people on planet Earth and knows how we tick.

4     The fact that Jesus Christ defied death and came alive again (when killed on a cross) makes him in control of his creation. Read ‘Who moved the Stone?’ by Frank Morrison to see what this is about!

5     The order in our universe that shows an ordered powerful creator. Someone has likened the making of our world without a creator  to be like watch parts that are thrown into the air and come down forming a perfectly working watch. Things don’t just happen in our universe – they have been carefully made and sustained by Creator God.

6      Human beings have an innate way of calling out to God when in trouble – even those who may not say they have a knowledge or understanding or relationship with God.  It has been said that each human being has a God shaped hole within that only God can fill. (We can try to fill it with other things but the hole does not get filled in.)

7     Small children have an understanding of God just by looking and seeing the wonder of creation. The Bible encourages us to be childlike and even as adults we can appreciate the awesomeness of God’s creation.

All the theories of evolution, the big bang and man’s ideas don’t compare with the reality of the wonderful, amazing, extravagant world that God has made not too near the sun or we’d burn up and not too far away from it or we’d freeze up! Let’s keep our world simple in the way we look at it and have high regard for the great Creator who made it all. Then life and death will make sense and we can teach our children so and not deny them the basic truths and foundations of creation.