It’s Time – for What?


Just as we hustle and bustle to get our last minute shopping done before Christmas, have you ever thought my time might be up! I eagerly have all sorts of ideas of how to have Christmas and bless the people I love but sometimes I literally run out of time. Sometimes, of course, something unforeseen happens to one of the family and we are so shocked.

I remember the night before my wedding, I was busy sewing up some trousers that my dear husband to be, Mike (sadly not with us now) had requested of me to do for him some days before. Had I made time for doing this well before that evening when I really did need to get my beauty sleep? Of course no! Time was running out so I just had to stay up and do this even with friends arriving and staying in my flat. Trivial maybe but we each have time.

We hear each Christmas, at Advent and beyond, that Jesus came into our world over two thousand years ago but he is also returning at some point in history. As time goes on, we can forget about this important occasion that is coming up.

However, time is running out for us humans to get our lives in order before our Maker. It all depends on the choices we make concerning Jesus as to where our ultimate destiny will be. The babe of Bethlehem might seem a lovely story but it has huge significance in that Father God sent Jesus to the Earth on a rescue mission to deal once and for all with the sin problem that each of us humans face. Because God is holy, He can’t handle a speck of sin in His presence so it has to go and the only way this can be eradicated is to simply come to Jesus (who died on a cross, taking upon himself the sins of the whole world) in repentance and receive His forgiveness. Then we are right with God – not because of who we are or what we have done or even us trying to be religious. God loves each one of us so incredibly much.

Let’s not allow the rush of Christmas to divert us from the real meaning of Jesus’ first coming to serve as a reminder of His second coming – we don’t know when. Lets’ explain to our children this truth so that the fear of God can come upon us all as we worship and adore the baby who is the King. What a Saviour!