Calling All Parents! – 8 tips

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I know how busy and frantic life can be with children in the family.  I also know that ensuring that our children have strong and firm spiritual foundations is so essential.  That is why we have produced Diamond Books – to help busy families do what is right.

Here are a few tips for helping young children to become grounded in what is true and right (see Philippians 4:8 which forms the basis):-

  Introduce the Bible to your children as early in their years as possible     (not  necessarily at 4 am!)

2   Tell your children that the Bible is the best book in the world (as it is read by more people than any other book).

3   Inform children that the Bible is like a lot of love letters from God to them (and put into one big book).

4   Have a daily devotional time at one of your meal times, reading a bit from a modern Children’s Bible (and there are many lovely ones e.g. ‘The Jesus Storyteller Bible’ by Sally Lloyd-Jones) and praying simple prayers specifically.

5   Get into a habit of thanking God for whatever is good around you and the answers that come from praying.

6   Sing lots of Bible songs throughout the day.

7   Talk about various aspects of creation as you see them referring to God as the Creator of them all.

8   Buy and read together ‘The Creation Series’ (Set A of Diamond Books) and enjoy the wonderful visuals of so much of what God has made.

Have fun and laugh a lot and let me know how you get on!