Solid Diamonds – Welcome To My New Blog 11 Sept 2013


This is my first blog ever, having thought that I would never get involved in the social media scene on the Internet.  I was recommended to do it, read a lot about it, tried to get advice from those already blogging, put it off several times and here I am taking the plunge.  I hope to start small and blog regularly once a week.

Hi to everyone!  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Carole, Patricia Leah – Carole after Carole Lombard (which dates me – my dad liked her!) and Patricia after my Mum and Leah after marrying into that family – that’s the nearest I get to being Jewish. I’m married to Mike and we have 2 adopted children and a granddaughter and although this sounds idyllic my life has not been a cosy road.  Am moving into more and more wholeness as God takes hold of my life.

I’m the eldest child of two and my brother lives far away in Sydney.  My elderly mother lives here in the UK who I get to see each month. I trained as a nursery/infant teacher and then specialised in the teaching of reading.

Then, much to my surprise when work got a bit stale and I prayed about my future, I was asked to write a whole series of books that I love doing.  These are solid diamonds – ‘solid’ because they are boxed sets of books, having solid Biblical truths in them and ‘diamonds’ because they are beautiful, incredibly valuable and reflect the many facets of God’s character..

Then my dear hubbie dropped into my life and we have been digging for diamonds in different forms ever since. Want to know the source of our diamonds? What do you think?  You may like to get the children guessing on this one, too!