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I’ve literally just heard that a dear friend’s husband died sitting in his chair – most unexpectedly; news from another friend tells me that her neice has cancer of the cervix; another friend’s only son dies of a brain aneurysm at 36 year of age just before Christmas. What pain, what agony of spirit, what bereavement, what can we do?

It may all seem and feel hopeless, yet there is One who can bring hope and all the comfort that each of us needs. Whether it is loss or change of circumstance or plain boredom at times or about what we hear on the news, we, as human beings, all need comfort sometime in our lives unless we are hermits but even they need solace, being human!

I know only one Comforter and that is Jesus Christ and through His Spirit, He has made that comfort available to us to have in our lives. I easily go to the biscuit tin for comfort, or I’ll watch something on ‘iplayer’ or I’ll avoid a situation but time and time again I find that the only way to gain comfort is to come to the Lord Jesus Christ and pour out my heart to him. Then, He exchanges my sadness for the reality of what I’m in. I have God guiding my life; He’s promised to meet all my needs; and He is present with me through every emotional situation I face unless He is a liar and I know that this is not true as His words can be relied on from the Bible.

I have found that there are blockages to receiving God’s comfort:

Tiredness – then I see things all out of perspective

Believing lies – The Bible clearly advocates that we wear the belt of truth and this truth can set us free. If we don’t have the Bible words of truth clearly in our vision and thoughts then we become distorted and can’t receive what God has to give us.

Stubbornness – then I need to lay my burdens, worries and problems at the feet of Jesus. Matthew 11:28-30 clearly teaches us to share our lot with Jesus and He states that then our yoke is easy and our burden’s light if we actually come to Jesus in our need. I find it is so easy just to try to work things out myself, leaving Jesus out of the picture and sometimes I can be rebellious to just do my own thing anyway rather than finding out from Him the best way forward. Time and time again, God has to work on me to lay my will down and pursue His.

God is a Father and like a Mother to each of us and can comfort us even more than an earthly father or mother if we let Him. Our children need to know this and see Him provide what is lacking. As we and they call out to our Maker, then He comes and nestles and nurtures us as we are engraved on the palm of His hands and we are the apple of His eye. What a comforter He is as He loves us through the mazes of life!

“Choices, choices, choices!”

Choices, choices, choices – we have so many to make on a daily basis yet there are some choices that have huge consequences. We as a nation have chosen to leave the European Union which has large implications for the future. More choices are required as to who will now govern our country and become Prime Minister. Yet, our small day-to-day choices can produce vast effects on us as individuals and on those around us.

It’s wonderful to think that God, our Creator, has given us a choice as to how we live and what we do with or without Him. It takes a huge risk for someone to let those they have made make their own choices when in fact God knows far better than we humans what the best choice in a given situation is. In fact, God loves us enough to give us free will so that we are not robots.

Joshua (information about him being in the Old Testament of the Bible in the book of his name) gave the people of Israel a choice as to whether they would follow God and his ways or not. He set the scene by saying “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24) and the Israelites followed his example.

Here in the UK, through much prayer, it seems that we are likely to have (and chosen by our representatives in the Conservative Party that was voted in last year) a Christian Prime Minister who I hope will be an example to each of us in this country and throughout the world (who are watching what might become of the UK). The economy has been such a huge concern of our governments in the past, but one wonders what would happen if we choose to trust God for our finances both as individuals and as a country. When a person or nation honours God, God is faithful enough to bless and provide. So it will be interesting to see who God has chosen to be our national leader at this time.

Our children thrive with good and honest leadership. They easily know what is right and wrong and as we move into hopefully a new dimension as families, children will more easily choose the right and good. The Biblical verses that have become a motto for Diamond Books and is written on my car (words on balloon pictures!) are from Philippians 4:8-9 (New International Version) “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things…” How we need to think on what God says and has written for us (in the Bible love letter) in these days so that the children around us can get a handle of what life is meant to be – connected to their Maker and wonderfully provided for. The more children are exposed to what is good and true and pure etc. the more they can make right choices. ‘The Creation Series’ (based on the first 3 chapters of Genesis) helps with this and children can view God’s wonderful world over and over again and appreciate the great God who can make each life meaningful and secure, providing the answer to the mistakes the first humans made..

Out of Order

Have you been this way? Is your home like this? Does your life feel frenzidly (I think that’s a new word as from now!) out of control? I’ve certainly been there! It doesn’t feel good and is not at all honouring to God either.

The book of Genesis in the Bible is full of order in the way God made everything and in the ways he led the early patriarchs. God had a plan for our world and he put all the pieces together to form the world we have now. He likewise formed each person on the planet and led them (if they were willing) into the plans and purposes he had for each.

Likewise, God has a plan and order to present to us each day even in 2015. If only we would take the time to listen to him and allow him to guide us our lives would be full of order and the housework would get done well, too!

Children thrive with order and routines and thus when the first people were made directly by God, they knew the boundaries that God had given them to enjoy his order.  However, they went their own sweet way and didn’t heed what God had told them. From then on disorder ensued.  Even weeds began to grow that were non-existent before. Arguments began and the first murder followed. What God had planned had been spoiled.

However. there is a way back to order and a second chance for all of us –  so wonderfully presented on a new TV channel here in the UK –  TBN UK  – on freeview. It shows the way for each of us individually to find God’s order for our lives, letting Jesus Christ deal with the sin issue that spoils our lives and brings disorder, letting forgiveness flow and allowing the youngest to the oldest to come into the plan of God that is different for each one. God’s love makes all this possible. How wonderful is this!

So, let’s show God’s order to children in the way he made the heavens and the Earth by getting ‘The Creation Series’ to either read to them or for them to read themselves. They’ll never forget God’s order that can be a part of their lives as they grow up. “Teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown they will still do right.” (Proverbs 22:6 – The Contemporary English Version of the Bible). What superb order for our children!

Death of a Friend


Just heard that dear Arthur Davies died the other week.  A real man of God and such a faithful friend.

He was involved in the Wirral Christian Centre Church in Birkenhead since its inception many years ago and remained faithful to this church right up to his death.  He was a lovely Christian guy who always appreciated people and what they were able to give him.  He listened well and always had some lively conversation to offer of his many ramblings (he loved walking so much) and nuggets of truth that came from all the historical work that he undertook with great gusto and enthusiasm.

God seemed to just remove His breath from him.  Without God’s breath in and on our lives we are nothing.  God alone gives us life and Arthur would have been the first to agree on this one.

How our children need to know that death is not to be feared especially when they know Jesus Christ in their lives.  Jesus Christ conquered death when he died in our place on the cross long ago.  When children know that Jesus did this for them they can have confidence in him and look forward to what God has prepared ahead of us when our time on this planet ceases. There is no need to fear death any more.

‘Diamond Books’ seeks to alleviate the fears that children can have.  Because the Bible is very central to these books, then, by faith,  the truths of God’s words can be realised and taken hold of. Children can so easily have faith so they can actually see God more at work than us adults who more easily doubt.

Arthur loved children and even though he had none of his own, he was easily loved by children. He became a grandfather figure to some. He will be greatly missed and the world poorer because he is not in it! Let’s praise God for Arthur’s life and may his legacy live on.



Life for us humans is so incredibly short.  To think that the likes of Noah and his contemporaries lived hundreds and hundreds of years. Among them was Enoch who the Bible says walked with God and then was not because God took him (Genesis 5:24).  Our lives are in the hand of our maker.

The frailty of human life staggers me.  We are so fragile and so complex and yet most of us function OK.  Our brains far surpass the most sophisticated of computers and each brain is unique – no prototypes here!

For all our ‘cleverness’, the Proverb writer (possibly King Solomon) simply says that all our efforts are like the wind – they come and go and are really futile even though we can think them important.

Caring for my elderly mother just recently brought it home to me that all that really matters is love.  Mum just wants me around so that she can receive more love and appreciation which in old age can be lacking on a consistent basis. The familiarity and security of having her daughter around her is a great comfort.  However, at those times that I can’t be with her, a greater comfort is available in the person of the Holy Spirit who is called the comforter.  He makes all the difference as he is around us individually 24/7.

Let’s encourage our youngsters to appreciate those who are much older than they are and learn early in life that age is important and greater honour and respect needs to be bestowed on such.

The Creation Series can be appreciated by all ages.  Try using these books with a child showing and explaining to an older person (perhaps their Grandma or Grandad) the wonders of what God has made.  It will cheer them up and revitalise in many of them the wonder of creator God.

Children can be blessed beyond their parents highest expectations with learning to give to the oldest ones in our society so that they, too, can be connected to the One who loves them so much.

New Book is almost born

I am taking a break from writing this week and am trying to relax and rest more than usual.  In the midst of this, I am liaising with the publishers (Westbow Press) of the second set of Diamond Books,  about the design and text of the first book of the second series. There is still so much to dialogue and communicate about as this book, ‘The Light,’ for 4-5 year olds to read themselves, takes shape. This book is one-sixteenth of the way towards ‘The Jesus Series’ being completed.

I waited a long time for the publishing process to continue after the publication and reprinting of the first series, The Creation Series’ for reading to 3-4 year olds. It is fascinating to me how God enables us to wait, then buckets down loads of encouragement and then a release of the route He wants for His project which is what Diamond Books is.  It was all His idea.  I just needed to be available to respond when He asked me to do this.  He used others to nudge me to do this including Christian educationalists who I found most inspiring.

God has built up a team around me to do this huge task of writing and publishing 100 children’s books.  Eight are in print, 16 are on the way and then another 76 to go if my maths is accurate!  Many of the latter group of books are at the draft stage and some have not even been started but am giving myself another three and three-quarter years, God willing, to get the whole project written.

The complicated stage of publishing each of the books in each of the sets is very challenging yet very exciting. Would value prayer, prayer and more prayer as this project unfolds and God gets all the credit for it all.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the books planned as shown on the website then please contact me.

Solid Diamonds – Welcome To My New Blog 11 Sept 2013

This is my first blog ever, having thought that I would never get involved in the social media scene on the Internet.  I was recommended to do it, read a lot about it, tried to get advice from those already blogging, put it off several times and here I am taking the plunge.  I hope to start small and blog regularly once a week.

Hi to everyone!  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Carole, Patricia Leah – Carole after Carole Lombard (which dates me – my dad liked her!) and Patricia after my Mum and Leah after marrying into that family – that’s the nearest I get to being Jewish. I’m married to Mike and we have 2 adopted children and a granddaughter and although this sounds idyllic my life has not been a cosy road.  Am moving into more and more wholeness as God takes hold of my life.

I’m the eldest child of two and my brother lives far away in Sydney.  My elderly mother lives here in the UK who I get to see each month. I trained as a nursery/infant teacher and then specialised in the teaching of reading.

Then, much to my surprise when work got a bit stale and I prayed about my future, I was asked to write a whole series of books that I love doing.  These are solid diamonds – ‘solid’ because they are boxed sets of books, having solid Biblical truths in them and ‘diamonds’ because they are beautiful, incredibly valuable and reflect the many facets of God’s character..

Then my dear hubbie dropped into my life and we have been digging for diamonds in different forms ever since. Want to know the source of our diamonds? What do you think?  You may like to get the children guessing on this one, too!