Death of a Friend



Just heard that dear Arthur Davies died the other week.  A real man of God and such a faithful friend.

He was involved in the Wirral Christian Centre Church in Birkenhead since its inception many years ago and remained faithful to this church right up to his death.  He was a lovely Christian guy who always appreciated people and what they were able to give him.  He listened well and always had some lively conversation to offer of his many ramblings (he loved walking so much) and nuggets of truth that came from all the historical work that he undertook with great gusto and enthusiasm.

God seemed to just remove His breath from him.  Without God’s breath in and on our lives we are nothing.  God alone gives us life and Arthur would have been the first to agree on this one.

How our children need to know that death is not to be feared especially when they know Jesus Christ in their lives.  Jesus Christ conquered death when he died in our place on the cross long ago.  When children know that Jesus did this for them they can have confidence in him and look forward to what God has prepared ahead of us when our time on this planet ceases. There is no need to fear death any more.

‘Diamond Books’ seeks to alleviate the fears that children can have.  Because the Bible is very central to these books, then, by faith,  the truths of God’s words can be realised and taken hold of. Children can so easily have faith so they can actually see God more at work than us adults who more easily doubt.

Arthur loved children and even though he had none of his own, he was easily loved by children. He became a grandfather figure to some. He will be greatly missed and the world poorer because he is not in it! Let’s praise God for Arthur’s life and may his legacy live on.