This was the second stone that God named in those early years when I first was called to write ‘Diamond Books’. I have always been a plodder when learning anything and at school, I gained knowledge one test and exam after the other. It took me several attempts to gain some subjects successfully but I have found that these acquisitions didn’t always matter when it came to gaining knowledge as to how to best live one’s life.

Being called to write books and find publishers has proved to be a steady learning curve in my life. Also, with all the increasing technology available I have been a slow learner in acquiring computer and phone skills which I don’t think one ever finishes learning about! The Good New Bible states “Your education is your life – guard it well. ” in Proverbs 4:13 and really the accumulation of knowledge is part of that. It’s what we do with what we learn that is vital.

I am reminded that the tree in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were not to eat from was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and that God himself is the author of all knowledge. This comes from the Most High God and we humans can tap into this as we connect with our Maker. Various kings in the Bible called on God for knowledge to rule well and God honoured their prayers and cries. However, we can only learn a little of this knowledge as it is so vast like God himself.

In Proverbs 24:5, the Bible speaks of knowledge as being more important than strength. Jesus, even when 12 years old, astounded the learned men of his day, when he discussed with them all sorts of things while in Jerusalem. As we draw closer to Jesus and allow our children to do the same, then we and they can gain more knowledge and the discernment to use it profitably and to the maximum. Our brains are often underactive, I am told. So let’s allow our children’s brains to develop as we present to our children the wonders of the world around them and tap into the specific interests and giftings that God has already given them whilst honouring God and allowing him to give them more knowledge of him, too.

So, this stone has been a valuable foundation stone in this project. Next time (in a fortnight’s time, God willing!) I’ll look at the next stone which has proven to be even more essential in providing a platform that has been essential for moving this project forward.

PS 966 days left to complete the writing of this project – we’re called to number our days!