I had a little ‘Snoopy’ badge that said ‘Think snow’- don’t know where it’s gone now – it might show up when I do more decluttering!

This morning, we have snow coming down in flakes and settling on flat surfaces including our garage roof. I was like a little child excited with seeing these ice globules coming out of space. I have to say, I love the snow and if it makes me more childlike then I am right in line with what Jesus advocated (see Matthew 18:3). I’m still convinced that one of Jesus’ favourite words is ‘come’ and he gave this invitation to children as well as to adults (see Matthew 19:14 and Matthew 11:28).

Snow is mentioned in the Bible 24 times sometimes referring to the work that Jesus did in dying on the cross and coming to life again. Through this act of obedience to his Father, he was able to make us humans as white as snow, having forgiven all our sins when he died. The wonderful thing about snowflakes is that they disappear and the same flakes don’t reappear in creation at all. It’s just like our sins – once removed by Jesus, they do not reappear before Him again. We may well sin similarly again although hopefully not intentionally but the same blood of Jesus covers our sins from His sight so that one day we can stand before God pure and clean. King David wrote about this in Psalm 51.”Wash me and I will be whiter than snow” he penned as he cried to God.
The Bible also makes another analogy of our sins being removed as far as the east is from the west (see Psalm 103:12).

So when it snows or children see snow, we can remind them of what God says. They can be clean and pure before God just like us adults can be and they don’t have to earn it either! Jesus did the work for all of us!