The Essential Christian Bookshops

With all the hustle and bustle of modern day life we are becoming increasingly busy with very little time to think.  The Christian bookshops in our country (UK) provide a wonderful service.  They have to hand not only a huge variety of  books but also large choices of cards, toys, and gifts as well as hosts of musical genre for all ages and tastes, gender and race.  The bonus is that helpful staff are available to discuss and inform.

As we seem to be moving towards instant packages when we come to purchase a book or gift, the benefits of paying a visit to a Christian bookshop are immense.  One can handle the books one might buy; one can look at all the illustrations of a publication; one can order a book easily, this being especially handy if one doesn’t have a computer. One can talk things through with a member of staff and advice can be given.

Some Christian bookshops have cafes attached to them such as the example on this blog (see picture). This enables such a shop to become a hub of social activity where ideas are exchanged, relaxation is encouraged and business meetings can be arranged around lunch or a coffee or a snack.

If you are a Christian bookshop owner or work in one be encouraged – you are doing a priceless job.  You can be the means of many finding out that Jesus is alive. By serving the Christian community you are also able to enhance the whole area around you. You can be a link person to help someone find out something they need to know or supply a person’s expertise to a particular problem or want.

A listening ear is a good quality for any Christian bookshop worker and a willingness to be the servant of all even in the background, stock taking or doing menial tasks that no-one but the Lord sees.  The whole set-up can be a valuable training ground for youngsters, too, wanting to find their place in life and more importantly desiring to seek to do God’s plan for their lives.

In my opinion (and it is encouraged in the Bible) being filled with the Holy Spirit daily and knowing God’s love deep down is essential for every leader of any Christian bookshop so that love and warmth and friendliness become a mark of the shop.  An organisation always reflects its leader and as each one is faithful to receive from the Lord then they in turn can influence and encourage their staff. “He who is friendly gets friends (Proverbs 18:24) which is a brilliant proverb to reflect on as friendship in these days is so lacking and needs nurturing.  The Christian bookshops can take a lead in this.

May the Christian bookshops in our nation flourish in these austere times.  Joshua was able to hear God’s voice to know God’s plans to see Jericho flattened; David fought and won the mighty Goliath; the apostle Paul was able to overcome so many difficulties because they each trusted God who had called them to their specific tasks. “For there is nothing that God cannot do” Luke 1:38[GN] (as the angel said to Mary) and this is still true today.

So, lets’s frequent the Christian bookshops all over this country.  Let’s see how many we can visit before the end of the year and bring our encouragement to them and purchase from them whenever we can!