The Light of the World

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During the week when some people “do” Halloween, instead let’s celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World.  He dispels the darkness around us and His light is brighter than any other. He came to remove the darkness of sin and can set us free to live in the light of forgiveness and healing. His light is brighter than the sun and to be with Him one day is to know inexpressible light and joy.

Diamond Books celebrates this light.  In the first set of the ‘The Creation Series’ we see illustrated the light that God made out of the darkness at the beginning of time when the earth was void and dark and there was nothing but water. In Book 1 ‘God’s World’ we see how God spoke and bright light was made. Book 2 of this series entitled ‘Light, Sky, Land and Sea’ details how the light was separated from the darkness and how God named the day and  the night.  Jesus, the Light of the World was actually present at creation together with the Holy Spirit breathing over his creation.

From this light, of course, comes all forms of life – plants, sea creatures, birds, animals and human beings. The wonder of what Jesus, the Light of the World, has done is so extensive. No wonder people who caught a glimpse of his actual light bowed down and worshipped him and even prostrated themselves before him – as did Isaiah. His light is so strong that it actually blinded the apostle Paul when he first encountered the living Christ.

I am reminded of a song that we used to sing “And all creation’s standing on tiptoe just to see the sons of God coming into their own.”  When we get close to the Light of the World then we start to reflect him. Then others begin to see the Light for themselves.

At this very time, the second set of Diamond Books ‘The Jesus Series’ is being produced in the U.S.A. The first reader for 4-5 year olds is called ‘The Light’ and it portrays all sorts of lights and emphasises the Light of the World. There is a photograph of my eye at the end of this book that looks just like the world all lit up with the words, ‘Jesus said, “I am the light of the world,”‘ (John 8:12 – Good News Bible) for  youngsters to memorise.

May God’s light shine in us as we seek to influence and introduce children to the Light of the World.

“Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4- AV)  We win!