When I was a teenager, I wondered why ‘Good’ Friday was good when a 33 year old in the prime of his life was crucified outside Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago. Then, when I was 17 years old, I discovered why.

The ugliness of human sin had to be dealt with. My sin needed to be erased. The only way that God could do this for mankind was to send his only son, Jesus Christ, to die instead of us (including me). The Bible clearly states that the penalty of sin is death, physical as well as emotional and spiritual death and there is no way we could get out of this penalty that was placed upon us when our first forefather, Adam, sinned. However, God has plans far superior than ours and God found the only way to save mankind quite literally.

We can’t work hard to erase our sin; we can’t even do our best; we can’t do enough penance to earn the title of ‘perfect’ that God wants of us. The only way we as humans can be ‘perfect’ and right with God is for God to forgive us and erase our sin completely.  Then he sees us as righteous and acceptable to him. It is a wonder indeed and makes ‘Good’ Friday meaningful and true. Jesus’ blood covers our sin.

It was a gory day that first ‘Good’ Friday but Jesus Christ didn’t flinch from the mission his Father had called him to do. Our children need to know this, too, which is why we have mentioned the answer to human sin in ‘The Creation Series’ to provide a bedrock of truth that children will never forget.

Let’s bow down this Friday and worship the God who cared so much for us to even die for us. Yet, he’s not still in the grave as we have the miracle of Easter Day that brings hope to every individual on the planet. As our children may be involved in Easter egg hunts, let’s remind them of the ‘egg shaped’ huge stone that was laid across Jesus’ tomb that got moved by the power of God. The miracle of Easter is just around the corner and it can be grasped by all who recognise and are humble enough to realise their need of a saviour.