Good News

We all love a good story. Sometimes we can get jealous of other people’s success or can fail to join in with celebrations of others.  However, we can all enjoy good news.

The best good news I know is of Jesus Christ coming to our planet to rescue us people from continuing in a lifestyle of sin. Good Friday and Easter Day events are history but so relevant to our everyday life now. If Jesus hadn’t come to us, there would be no way of us humans being able to enjoy peace or a good conscience or knowing for certain where we are heading after this earthly life ceases.

Other good news includes being able to see the sincerity of so many doing good and well amidst much opposition and challenges often. When there is a natural disaster, it is so good to see how people help against all the odds to rescue those stuck perhaps beneath the earth from an earthquake or from floods As someone overcomes a disability or gains success in a project that has taken them all their lifetime to produce we can gladly see this as good news and rejoice with them.

The amazing arrival of babies around the globe brings more good news to families and communities. The fact that most of them are born so healthy is astounding when one thinks of the detail of the human brain alone which far surpasses any computer.

The fact that this planet produces enough food to feed the entire world is truly good news. It’s only man’s greed and lack of sharing the resources that makes it difficult for some people to have all the food they need and the clean water they require.

As God changes human hearts, the earlier in life the better then the love can go round. Children feel secure when they are loved as we adults appreciate, too. The good news that Jesus Christ can do the changing in us as we surrender to God and his ways needs to be known by children. Those who have had troubled backgrounds need that unconditional love shown them so that they can find their niche in life doing good not wrong. Children need to know, also, that it does not depend on us to be good – it all depends on God’s goodness which he can put into us. “There is none that does good, no not one” (Psalm 14:1-3) says the Bible. As we admit that we can’t be good except through God working in us, then God does a miraculous work in anyone who is willing to follow Christ.

The 8 books that form ‘The Creation Series’ lay the foundations and platform for children to know who God is as well as what he has done and is yet to do. May our children really grasp early what God has done for them and wants to do in them so that they can lead an amazing life full of adventure, fulfilling and secure.