The spectrum of the rainbow is amazing with green the central colour – the colour of heaven!  Green is such a tranquil colour and God must have known this when he created the grass and the leaves and all the green creatures, birds and animals.

I am amazed that God has put so much colour into our world and not one colour clashes when you look at a garden of flowers or an array of trees. The beauty, order and symmetry of God’s world is staggering as well as the sheer enormity and extravagance of it all.

Here in England, it is Autumn still – a late season this year with the leaf colours ranging from deep reds, through all the oranges and browns and yellows that there are I think. There are still some evergreens on show. Just glimpsing a few views across any given landscape in the UK at this time of year results in awe and wonder at the sheer immensity and intricacy of it all.

I am thankful that God has always promised us the seasons even in the order of Winter following Autumn and Spring  following Winter and then Summer coming after Spring and then Autumn appearing.  God is a faithful Creator. The variety in life is  certainly the spice of life and keeps us on our toes with the changing weather of each day within each season.

God is full of surprises so that (I think) we have to learn to depend on him for everything we say and do.  Without his input into our lives in the way of love and provision we wouldn’t have much but with his help and nearness and strength we have more than most. We are winners if God is on our side and he can be on anyone’s side if we ask him!