Sometimes what life throws at us can overwhelm us. I think that this is an experience that probably all humans face some time or other.

Particularly when the unexpected happens, it can throw us in all directions. The emotional toll of such happenings can be underestimated and of course the pressures and stresses can show themselves in physical illnesses. We weren’t meant to live life on our own which is why when Jesus rose from the dead he sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in those who wanted Him and recognised their need of support and indeed a Saviour in the circumstances of life.

The Bible has something very valid to say about being overwhelmed. In the Psalms, King David poured out his heart in words and he wrote, “When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you (referring to God) who know my way…” (Psalm 142:3 New International version). We can be comforted that God knows the way and the way through each situation we may face. In the next Psalm he states “So my spirit grows faint within me; my heart within me is dismayed.” (Psalm 143:4 – NIV) after he explains how the enemy he knew was crushing him to the ground. Whether a physical enemy that David had to face or a pressure or stress from the enemy of our souls (satan) David was able to gain help from the Rock that was higher than him. ‘Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I’ is the words of an old song but it describes a present reality still.

Sometimes children can feel overwhelmed and they can express this in all sorts of different ways including anger, moodiness, naughty misdemeanors and even more drastic behaviour that can include violence and hatred. We need to let children that there is someone higher and bigger than even the adults around them who can help them through their troubles. Let’s not deny children their heritage which is to know God and enjoy him forever.

Diamond Books remind children of the simple truths of the Bible that are so practical and a blessing. May the different facets of God’s character be reflected in the many facets of each of the books of this project for the benefit of every child that opens, looks and reads them so that the overwhelming feelings of human life can be more alleviated by them and indeed by the God who inspired them.