The Autumn Statement

We can each trust God for all our needs that come from the past, the now or into the future.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)  That’s all we need to know. He doesn’t lie and is utterly faithful.  What he says, he will do.

It is so reassuring that politicians are not in control but Almighty God is sitting on the throne and is able to help each of us individually.  It amazes me the uniqueness of us all and even the uniqueness of each day and hour as God is immensely imaginative and creative to bring about what he wants.

If we, as a nation (all the individuals making up this) turned to God wholeheartedly, we would see a huge difference in our country.  Greed and abuse would have to be obliterated, the laws of the land would need to conform to what the Bible says and there would be peace in every street and no dread of burglars or murderers. Children would again feel safe to play in the streets and at the park and there would be no loneliness as each would be caring for his/her neighbour carefully. We wouldn’t need to use the NHS much as God would wonderfully have the freedom to heal us.  Our change of heart and attitudes would cause many of our diseases to disappear as forgiveness would be freely taking place especially in families and reconciliations would be the norm.

Of course, we can expect this sort of lifestyle consistently after Jesus has come again (yes he’s planning on returning) when He will be the King in reality for all to see.

Until then, let’s remind our children about Jesus’ coming again not just reminisce about how he came the first time.  We can give hope to our children that Jesus Christ has all of history wrapped up and that the wonder of Christmas is just a taste of far more to come and we can remind ourselves, too.

If you’re stuck as to what to give your children/ grandchildren this Christmas, treat them to ‘The Creation Series’ which can enlarge a child’s capacity to realise who God is and what he has already done – all beautifully illustrated in 8 books inside a box, ideal for a gift.