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All is Well

Even when setbacks come and disappointments trouble us, God has a plan. We are required in everything to give thanks for this is God’s...   Read More

God’s Powerful Word

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on God’s Powerful Word

“In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” So says John 1:1 in the Good News...   Read More

At a Glance!

EncouragementWord of GodComments Off on At a Glance!

What do you see when you glance at the Bible? A dusty book, something that is irrelevant or an exciting adventure story? All can be...   Read More


ComfortEncouragementComments Off on Communication

How well do you communicate? I’m not so hot face to face but on paper, I’m in my element. However, we need to communicate...   Read More

All-seeing God

ComfortWord of GodComments Off on All-seeing God

How we like to hide and wear a mask before others. Can we do this with God? He is the All-seeing God and nothing...   Read More

The Greatest Story Ever Retold

DiamondsEncouragementWord of GodComments Off on The Greatest Story Ever Retold

So read the cover of the Daily Mail Christmas TV guide in the UK. They’ve certainly got that right! The animation of this happens...   Read More

Christmas Buildup

Christmas hype can start in August (in the UK) but the real problems begin when shops target their wares subtly. All the advertising with...   Read More


Congratulations to all you parents who are doing the most important job of all. It might not seem very glamorous or feel very wonderful...   Read More


How can we trust people? How do we trust God? There is no easy answer but to do it anyway! (Eating is in the...   Read More


The Holy Spirit is a prompter.  He nudges, advises, teaches and guides us into the action that God wants. I’ve had experiences recently of...   Read More

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