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I’ve literally just heard that a dear friend’s husband died sitting in his chair – most unexpectedly; news from another friend tells me that...   Read More

7 ways to Help Struggling Readers

MotivationWord of GodComments Off on 7 ways to Help Struggling Readers

I used to teach struggling readers in small groups in many schools up and down the UK. The one thing I noticed was that...   Read More


Now there’s a question! Many young children love to say this word and many older ones too can be heard to say it in...   Read More


PrayerWord of GodComments Off on Soaring

Here’s a word that makes us look upwards! I immediately think of an eagle soaring through the air currents.Then, I think of the jet...   Read More

What’s grey? Who’s Gray?

InspirationSeasonal messageComments Off on What’s grey? Who’s Gray?

This, you may say, is a mysterious title to start the New Year of 2017 off! I was on a walk yesterday and started...   Read More

Jesus – The Word?

ComfortSeasonal messageComments Off on Jesus – The Word?

What words – each packed with meaning! Why is it that Jesus is so prominent at Christmas? If he was just a man, then...   Read More


I’m probably one of the worst listeners in the world. I butt in to conversations and I get very opinionated and want to barge...   Read More

Miracles today!

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on Miracles today!

Each life is a miracle just considering the human brain alone, the most complicated computer of all! I often wonder when a child is...   Read More

4 reasons why we Create

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on 4 reasons why we Create

Sometimes, we can create a din or a mess or trouble, but I believe we have more creativity to offer for several reasons. I...   Read More

A Box of Chocolates

EncouragementWord of GodComments Off on A Box of Chocolates

At the beginning of the ‘Forrest Gump’ film, Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump) states that life is like a box of chocolates – you...   Read More

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