New Beginnings

God makes all things new – so we are told in the book of Revelation that looks ahead to a great future of splendour and beauty and peace and rest – but what about today?

Every day is new and a creative gift from Father God. Every sky is painted differently each day and it is varied even in a locality and across nations too.  We can stand in awe of the creation we see – hence Diamond Books for children.  Letting young ones see the wonders of God’s creation is one of the bonuses that ‘The Creation Series’  is offering particularly for 3-4 year olds to appreciate. The amazing illustrations by Sharon Rentta show off God’s creativity.

Beauty and colour and variety and detail mark God’s creation and we have endeavoured to show each of these aspects in The Creation Series’. “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8 KJV) is reflected in these books and the sheer immensity of what God has made is emphasised. To think that God not only made (for example) just one dog but also many different breeds; and so many varied insects that even the naked eye can hardly see them, is staggering.  As the days go by, man is discovering more than meets the eye and the lusciousness of his landscapes and plant life around our world is breath taking.  The more scientists discover, the more we can see the amazing Creator’s hand on his world so carefully formed in it’s position from the sun – any nearer we would burn up and more distant we would freeze up.

Let’s honour and respect our Creator God even more than the creation he has made.  May 2014 indeed be a year when we each draw closer to him and get to know his amazing creative ways with our health, with our weather and with the challenges he allows in our lives. May God be praised indeed and a happy 2014 to all you bloggers and readers!


Born to Die

Jesus Christ was born on time and his mission to die for the whole world was spot on time, too. God is never too early or too late with what he does.

It’s obvious that after we are born we have to die sometime (unless Jesus comes back first and takes us to be with him forever – and we are still waiting for his second coming) but God has some amazing plans that enable us to die while we live if we will yield to him.  God wants to so fill our lives that the self life dies (we are told to reckon ourselves as dead – see the whole  book of Romans in the Bible) and then we can be fully alive in him. Then strangely enough we get to live life to the full as a result.

There are hardships, difficulties and circumstances that we wouldn’t have chosen but God uses these all for our good (Romans 8:28).  Diamonds are bedded in the depths of the earth and until they are discovered, honed and polished one can’t see their true value.  Similarly, we are like diamonds being polished by our maker and as we surrender ourselves to him then the true value of what he has made  comes out and shines and becomes evident to all.

That is why diamonds are so graphic in giving us an example of deadness (looking of no value) and real life (when polished – showing what they were meant to be and appreciated). So with Diamond Books – we are endeavouring to show children the life of God that is available to them so that they can grow and become fully developed and mature as they take in God’s life changing word.

Then we can say ‘beautiful, beautiful’ – God makes all things new and all we have to do is play our part in his tapestry of the world we live in.

So this Christmas let’s thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all his love to us as individuals and to mankind as a whole.  Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters round the world who struggle, are persecuted in a big way and have few of the benefits that we in the west experience. We can pray and give to them and make a huge difference.

A Wake Up Call

Death has a habit of bringing good to light. With Nelson Mandela’s passing and my dear mother-in-law, Isobel, too, this past week, it has been a time of reflection and reordering of our lives.

Mandela brought peace across many peoples and even began a link between nations with the handshake of Obama and Castro at the memorial time.  Lasting peace of any kind, however, can only be found in Jesus when a person humbly comes to him and admits their need of him in repentance for their wrongdoing.  Then peace with God is experienced and then peace between people can take place in a real way.

My mother-in-law was a colourful character, living life to the full until her surprising death after an accident in a home that she often visited with much delight. However, her life’s journey did not end here as, while in hospital,  prompted by a close relative,  she said the sinner’s prayer and became eligible for heaven. So, we are so pleased for her that now she is resting with her Saviour and will be safe with him forever.

Diamond Books seeks to let children know that there is more to life than just here on planet Earth.  In various ways, the books provide starting points for discussion that can lead children to ask all sorts of questions.

As was quoted from our Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday in a tweet ‘Don’t wait until you are older to find out about Jesus.’ Our young generation need to be steered towards their Maker and then as they get to know him he can direct their steps along his best path for them.  Their lives will then be so purposeful and amazing that they will never regret the step they could take in giving their lives to Jesus for him to do with them whatever he likes. A great adventure indeed!

The Light of the World

During the week when some people “do” Halloween, instead let’s celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World.  He dispels the darkness around us and His light is brighter than any other. He came to remove the darkness of sin and can set us free to live in the light of forgiveness and healing. His light is brighter than the sun and to be with Him one day is to know inexpressible light and joy.

Diamond Books celebrates this light.  In the first set of the ‘The Creation Series’ we see illustrated the light that God made out of the darkness at the beginning of time when the earth was void and dark and there was nothing but water. In Book 1 ‘God’s World’ we see how God spoke and bright light was made. Book 2 of this series entitled ‘Light, Sky, Land and Sea’ details how the light was separated from the darkness and how God named the day and  the night.  Jesus, the Light of the World was actually present at creation together with the Holy Spirit breathing over his creation.

From this light, of course, comes all forms of life – plants, sea creatures, birds, animals and human beings. The wonder of what Jesus, the Light of the World, has done is so extensive. No wonder people who caught a glimpse of his actual light bowed down and worshipped him and even prostrated themselves before him – as did Isaiah. His light is so strong that it actually blinded the apostle Paul when he first encountered the living Christ.

I am reminded of a song that we used to sing “And all creation’s standing on tiptoe just to see the sons of God coming into their own.”  When we get close to the Light of the World then we start to reflect him. Then others begin to see the Light for themselves.

At this very time, the second set of Diamond Books ‘The Jesus Series’ is being produced in the U.S.A. The first reader for 4-5 year olds is called ‘The Light’ and it portrays all sorts of lights and emphasises the Light of the World. There is a photograph of my eye at the end of this book that looks just like the world all lit up with the words, ‘Jesus said, “I am the light of the world,”‘ (John 8:12 – Good News Bible) for  youngsters to memorise.

May God’s light shine in us as we seek to influence and introduce children to the Light of the World.

“Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4- AV)  We win!

New Book is almost born

I am taking a break from writing this week and am trying to relax and rest more than usual.  In the midst of this, I am liaising with the publishers (Westbow Press) of the second set of Diamond Books,  about the design and text of the first book of the second series. There is still so much to dialogue and communicate about as this book, ‘The Light,’ for 4-5 year olds to read themselves, takes shape. This book is one-sixteenth of the way towards ‘The Jesus Series’ being completed.

I waited a long time for the publishing process to continue after the publication and reprinting of the first series, The Creation Series’ for reading to 3-4 year olds. It is fascinating to me how God enables us to wait, then buckets down loads of encouragement and then a release of the route He wants for His project which is what Diamond Books is.  It was all His idea.  I just needed to be available to respond when He asked me to do this.  He used others to nudge me to do this including Christian educationalists who I found most inspiring.

God has built up a team around me to do this huge task of writing and publishing 100 children’s books.  Eight are in print, 16 are on the way and then another 76 to go if my maths is accurate!  Many of the latter group of books are at the draft stage and some have not even been started but am giving myself another three and three-quarter years, God willing, to get the whole project written.

The complicated stage of publishing each of the books in each of the sets is very challenging yet very exciting. Would value prayer, prayer and more prayer as this project unfolds and God gets all the credit for it all.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the books planned as shown on the website then please contact me.

Calling All Parents! – 8 tips

I know how busy and frantic life can be with children in the family.  I also know that ensuring that our children have strong and firm spiritual foundations is so essential.  That is why we have produced Diamond Books – to help busy families do what is right.

Here are a few tips for helping young children to become grounded in what is true and right (see Philippians 4:8 which forms the basis):-

  Introduce the Bible to your children as early in their years as possible     (not  necessarily at 4 am!)

2   Tell your children that the Bible is the best book in the world (as it is read by more people than any other book).

3   Inform children that the Bible is like a lot of love letters from God to them (and put into one big book).

4   Have a daily devotional time at one of your meal times, reading a bit from a modern Children’s Bible (and there are many lovely ones e.g. ‘The Jesus Storyteller Bible’ by Sally Lloyd-Jones) and praying simple prayers specifically.

5   Get into a habit of thanking God for whatever is good around you and the answers that come from praying.

6   Sing lots of Bible songs throughout the day.

7   Talk about various aspects of creation as you see them referring to God as the Creator of them all.

8   Buy and read together ‘The Creation Series’ (Set A of Diamond Books) and enjoy the wonderful visuals of so much of what God has made.

Have fun and laugh a lot and let me know how you get on!





Feeding Children’s Hunger

I have a hunch and a simple understanding of children to know when youngsters are hungry.  Sometimes, they are just bored, sometimes they just want a fix almost like a habit (eg when they come home from school) and sometimes they are plain hungry with rumbling stomachs.  Physically, the signs are there but are we aware of children’s spiritual hunger?  I firmly believe that we were made with a God shaped hole within us that only God can fill.  When God is allowed to fill us (with our permission) He does and then there is that great satisfied feeling.

I am passionate about the Bible and its simple yet profound truths.  I believe that the inspired words in this best book in the world (bought and read by more people than any other book ever) have a great impact on us people if we are open to receive its wisdom.  I happen to believe, too, that little people (our children) can have an even greater understanding of the truths in this book as they are far more open to receive.  We are encouraged to be like little children as we come to God so that we can easily learn great foundational truths that can last a lifetime.

‘Diamond Books’ has actually been written with these thoughts in mind.  Children love to hear about the Old Testament heroes and the amazing miracles of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. When they realise that these events are not fairy stories but actual happenings in the past then they can see and understand the greatness of God.  Children are so amazed at the various aspects of creation. When they are taught that God made each grain of sand different from the rest and each snowflake uniquely and knows the number of hairs on each of our heads their understanding can expand and soar.  They can then be in awe of God’s handiwork.  Their hunger for who they are and why they are here can truly be answered quite simply as they read the Bible.

Of course, children need a guide to help them receive this spiritual food (‘bread’ from Heaven).  The Bible is that guide.  It was written by many men inspired by God.  As adults we need to pray that the Holy Spirit will feed our family with this food.  Our children need to see the reality of the Holy Spirit providing the spiritual food we each need.  This food is just as important as the physical food we eat.  So daily coming to  God is essential  to avoid being spiritually starved or unbalanced as children or adults.

What do you think?  Have you any suggestions as to how to eat this spiritual food and make it easily palatable to young children?

Solid Diamonds – Welcome To My New Blog 11 Sept 2013

This is my first blog ever, having thought that I would never get involved in the social media scene on the Internet.  I was recommended to do it, read a lot about it, tried to get advice from those already blogging, put it off several times and here I am taking the plunge.  I hope to start small and blog regularly once a week.

Hi to everyone!  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Carole, Patricia Leah – Carole after Carole Lombard (which dates me – my dad liked her!) and Patricia after my Mum and Leah after marrying into that family – that’s the nearest I get to being Jewish. I’m married to Mike and we have 2 adopted children and a granddaughter and although this sounds idyllic my life has not been a cosy road.  Am moving into more and more wholeness as God takes hold of my life.

I’m the eldest child of two and my brother lives far away in Sydney.  My elderly mother lives here in the UK who I get to see each month. I trained as a nursery/infant teacher and then specialised in the teaching of reading.

Then, much to my surprise when work got a bit stale and I prayed about my future, I was asked to write a whole series of books that I love doing.  These are solid diamonds – ‘solid’ because they are boxed sets of books, having solid Biblical truths in them and ‘diamonds’ because they are beautiful, incredibly valuable and reflect the many facets of God’s character..

Then my dear hubbie dropped into my life and we have been digging for diamonds in different forms ever since. Want to know the source of our diamonds? What do you think?  You may like to get the children guessing on this one, too!