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Short and Sweet!

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What does that conjure up in your mind? My initial response is something to eat – a bit of liquorice; a strawberry; a green...   Read More

“Choices, choices, choices!”

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Choices, choices, choices – we have so many to make on a daily basis yet there are some choices that have huge consequences. We...   Read More


ComfortWord of GodComments Off on Security

What a referendum! I couldn’t sleep and put on my radio at 1am to hear that ‘remain’ votes were coming in fast, then at...   Read More

Why Pray?

It is often said that prayer changes things. I would like to amend this statement by saying that I think that God changes things...   Read More

7 Ways to Help our Children to love God

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In this season of Ramadan when many families are seeking Allah in a challenging way especially during our long daylight hours here in the...   Read More


“Dream, dream, dream, dream. Dream, dream, dream, dream.” So says the famous Everly Brothers song ‘All I have to Do is Dream’ – do...   Read More

Fingers in Pies!

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Little Jack Horner (from the old nursery rhyme) managed to get a plum out from a pie which reminds me of a fantastic nursery...   Read More

Romans 8:28

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This may be a word and numbers to some but to me this reference opens up a whole gateway of meaning about who God...   Read More


Sometimes, we are pushed to the limit and then God steps in. We, as Christians, are called to stand, even when the opposition and...   Read More

God’s Answer

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Whether we have small or big problems, God has an answer. I think He sets up situations in our lives so that we have...   Read More

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