Wisdom – 8 ways


King Solomon asked God for wisdom and he got a lot more than that! He was given riches and long life, too! That’s how God is – generous, kind and surprising!

In this stressful climate that we live in, how we need wisdom to operate in balance, power and  stability, trusting in the God who made each of us so uniquely and marvellously.

In the book of James in the Bible, God encourages us to ask for wisdom and if we don’t doubt that He will give it, He will give it to us. We can access this for any and every situation. How wonderful is this. We don’t need counsellors (although these may be a help along the journey of life when we need extra help in dire circumstances) but we can rely on our creator God to provide the way forward in little and big things.

Children also need to know that they can access wisdom which to them might seem to be cleverness. Those children who ask God for wisdom in their simple faith can have huge advantages in classroom situations e.g. in a test and in the playground e.g. how to deal with a bully. Practical solutions can be given to them from the all wise God.

The Bible clearly shows us how to be wise e.g. by honouring our parents as then we can gain long life as God promises this. God is no liar and what He promises He will do. How great is God!

Let children know about God’s wisdom even in making the world so orderly and well and stand back and marvel at the wisdom he gives to each of our families as we make a family altar of prayer each day.

“Help us, dear Lord, not to put a stumbling block in the way of children who can be examples to us of trust if we encourage them to know that God is around for them. Help us to be wise and to lead our children very simply and in a trusting way so that they can receive the blessing of God in great measure. Amen.”

The Bible being ever practical lists 8 ways to be wise (in the 3rd chapter of the book of James) in the New Century version. Here they are:

1  Being pure

2  Being Peaceful

3  Being Gentle

5  Easy to please

5  Helps those who are troubled

6  Does good to others

7  Is fair

8  Is honest

We can’t live this way but God in us can if we simply ask him!