God’s Powerful Word

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“In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” So says John 1:1 in the Good News...   Read More

The Love that will not let me go

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Delays! delays! That’s the story of my life at present, waiting for my dear husband’s CT scan to be taken together with lots of things...   Read More

There’s a Hole in my Bucket!

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I discovered a hole in my bucket yesterday. Circumstances were overwhelming and I chose to go with my feelings which at the best of...   Read More

Who can I trust?

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In today’s world it’s very hard to know. However, there is a litmus test that helps us and we can find wisdom to know...   Read More

Gracious, Graceful or Grateful?

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Am I gracious or graceful or even grateful! When growing up, I remember I used to get so confused with so many similar sounding...   Read More


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Have you got a foundation? Do you wear a foundation?! Does it cover up the real you? Does a foundation matter? Is it essential?...   Read More

At a Glance!

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What do you see when you glance at the Bible? A dusty book, something that is irrelevant or an exciting adventure story? All can be...   Read More


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When difficulties come, do you troubleshoot? Are you like me and like others to solve things for you?  I like to complete  and finish...   Read More


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How well do you communicate? I’m not so hot face to face but on paper, I’m in my element. However, we need to communicate...   Read More

All-seeing God

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How we like to hide and wear a mask before others. Can we do this with God? He is the All-seeing God and nothing...   Read More

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