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I think I may have invented a word as I can’t find it in my dictionary but of course it could be in a...   Read More


I had a little ‘Snoopy’ badge that said ‘Think snow’- don’t know where it’s gone now – it might show up when I do...   Read More

The Reason Children Sing

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Children are often such spontaneous beings and we adults can learn a lot from them. Jesus actually said that we are all to become...   Read More


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Computers and I don’t get on as most of my friends will vouch. These last few weeks and months have been those that have...   Read More

Fact or Fiction

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Just recently, we had a family problem that nobody could understand. A wedding was called off, relatives had come from Australia and there was...   Read More

Sheer Joy

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The Christmas story says it all – particularly the shepherds encounter with the angels. An angel of the Lord, we are told in Luke...   Read More

A Helping Hand

How we each need this … especially at Christmas time when it seems that the world is buzzing with busyness. My 92 year old...   Read More

Worried Children

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The news this week in the UK highlighted the plight of worried children in today’s busy, pressuring world that babies are born into. It...   Read More

Changes and the one who doesn’t change

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“Through all the changing scenes of life…” comes to mind, but when I looked it up in my hymnbook it wasn’t there. If anyone...   Read More

Goody Two Shoes

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‘Goody Two-Shoes’ is the name given to a poor orphan – Margery Meanwell. She was so poor as to possess only one shoe and...   Read More

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