A Successful Life

With the death of Barbara Ford recently and all that she did and advocated, we can see an outwardly successful life. She influenced many people and had a very full life with her family and ideas. She was an admirable lady and will be greatly missed.

We can all be successful as God has given each of us abilities, talents and gifts that can be used for the good of mankind. If we connect to our Maker on a daily basis then we can be guided to use these for the greatest good. Our inner life and our connection to Jesus is vital so that the Holy Spirit can work powerfully through our lives – if we let Him.

Jesus advocated that doing the will of God was more important than anything else. Our flesh, sin and choices can stop us from doing this in our individual lives but I believe that there is no greater fulfilling place to be, other than being in the centre of God’s purpose for our human journeys. We can be satisfied, sufficient, at peace and joyful in knowing we are doing what we were created to do while on this planet and thus contributing to the whole of humanity really – like a cog in a wheel, we affect so many lives just by being here on the Earth.

Because we are all unique but equally of value and all loved the same by Jesus, we don’t have to compete with one another but rest back in knowing who we are and finding God’s purpose for our lives. As we seek to know what this is, God is faithful to show us the way as He is the Way.

We can all be a part of God’s family, the church, which in the Bible is likened to a body that has many parts which function differently. When one part hurts, the whole body feels it. Love is central to this body as Jesus is likened to being the Head of this body and all that flows from Jesus is love in its varying forms.

So, we can teach our children to not only give their lives to Jesus for Him to use as He will but they can also actively seek His will and purpose for their lives which will always be good. Then they can be successful even if their earthly work may not be appreciated or even noticed (like some parts of the body are hidden from view). There is One in Heaven who sees all and when the crowns are given out to wear to bow before King Jesus in person one day, He will say ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ and that will be worth hearing and be real success.