Set A

The Creation Series, is currently available from Christian Focus Publications.
The Boxed Set includes 8 books, entitled:

  • Book 1 – God’s World
  • Book 2 – Light, Sky, Land and Sea
  • Book 3 – Plants and Lights
  • Book 4 – Sea Creatures
  • Book 5 – Birds
  • Book 6 – Animals
  • Book 7 – People
  • Book 8 – A Beautiful Garden

All these are suitable for reading to 3-4 year olds and for older children (particularly autistic children) to read themselves.

Individual books of this boxed set of 8 books and all the Supplementary Materials are available from the author Carole Leah, together with a free Creation Handbook. This Creation Handbook is available to download here, completely free.

Set B

The Jesus Series, for 4–5 year olds is currently being published. Please contact us and we will keep you informed of when this is available.