How we humans aspire to greatness so easily – if not outwardly, there is an inward thrust to experience some sort of greatness or...   Read More


InspirationWord of GodComments Off on Waiting!

This is definitely not something that I am good at but it is a necessary part of life in this busy age we live...   Read More

Going with the Flow?

InspirationMotivationWord of GodComments Off on Going with the Flow?

It’s easy to go with the flow. Agree with everybody; don’t cause any conflict; steady the boat; be nice all the time; follow the...   Read More


Now there’s a question! Many young children love to say this word and many older ones too can be heard to say it in...   Read More

What’s grey? Who’s Gray?

InspirationSeasonal messageComments Off on What’s grey? Who’s Gray?

This, you may say, is a mysterious title to start the New Year of 2017 off! I was on a walk yesterday and started...   Read More

What’s Wonderful?

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on What’s Wonderful?

With the doom and gloom of the news, there doesn’t seem to be a lot that seems wonderful. However, when we really think about...   Read More

Perfect Creation

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on Perfect Creation

Is there such a thing? Was there such a thing? How can we know? At the beginning of time, I believe God made our...   Read More

Miracles today!

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on Miracles today!

Each life is a miracle just considering the human brain alone, the most complicated computer of all! I often wonder when a child is...   Read More

4 reasons why we Create

InspirationWord of GodComments Off on 4 reasons why we Create

Sometimes, we can create a din or a mess or trouble, but I believe we have more creativity to offer for several reasons. I...   Read More


InspirationComments Off on Beauty

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is true, based on physical sight. However, the beauty that lasts comes...   Read More

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