Acuity – what is this?

DiamondsMotivationComments Off on Acuity – what is this?

When God named some foundation stones for my life while embarking on ‘The Diamond Books’ project, he named one stone as being ‘acuity’.  I...   Read More

Wisdom we all need!

DiamondsEncouragementWord of GodComments Off on Wisdom we all need!

Wisdom is so essential for us all but do we use it when it is offered to us or access it when we need...   Read More


DiamondsInspirationComments Off on Knowledge

This was the second stone that God named in those early years when I first was called to write ‘Diamond Books’. I have always...   Read More


ComfortComments Off on Pressure

I do and I don’t work well under pressure. So often the pressure I face is of my own making. However, to get the...   Read More

The Start

EncouragementComments Off on The Start

Life in London in the 1980’s was a real challenge. I worked in the Shepherd’s School in Brockley part-time and then launched out into...   Read More

The Name!

EncouragementComments Off on The Name!

How important a name is! Parents carefully choose a name for their offspring; names are given to roads and streets often in honour of...   Read More

995 Days to Go

MotivationComments Off on 995 Days to Go

I believe God has called me to write Diamond Books. It is taking a very long time to complete but I believe God has...   Read More

Confusion or Order

EncouragementComments Off on Confusion or Order

I know what I’d like! One is from God and one is not. How do we deal with these?. I easily panic and think...   Read More

All is Well

ComfortThanksgivingComments Off on All is Well

Even when setbacks come and disappointments trouble us, God has a plan. We are required in everything to give thanks for this is God’s...   Read More

A New Season

ComfortWorshipComments Off on A New Season

As well as it being summer, something drastic happened to me. A month ago today my husband died unexpectedly – not really dead as...   Read More

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