ComfortWord of GodComments Off on Overwhelmed

Sometimes what life throws at us can overwhelm us. I think that this is an experience that probably all humans face some time or...   Read More

The Best

We often say ‘The best is yet to come’ but the fact is, this is absolutely true!  Recently, my dear husband, Mike, went to...   Read More


EncouragementComments Off on Grace

Just a name?  What’s in a name? This, in my opinion is a beautiful name often given to girls! I know several ladies now...   Read More

Christmas Time

MotivationSeasonal messageComments Off on Christmas Time

Somehow, the time around Christmas is very special although sometimes fraught. I think that being out of routine and seeing so many of friends...   Read More

Something New

InspirationComments Off on Something New

With Christmas coming round again, we can get too familiar with the events of that first Christmas. I know I can! Yes, a very...   Read More


This is a biggy! The very centre stone of the foundation picture that I received when embarking on this Diamond Books venture was ‘faith’....   Read More


This is not a word we use much in every day life but Jesus Christ was known to be meek. I thought it meant...   Read More


Wars have been fought and won or lost over what people believe to be true. Truth is something that is very important especially in...   Read More


With all the carnage in Paris and all the talk about revenge, I wonder what God thinks of it all. One of the foundation...   Read More


ComfortDiamondsComments Off on Righteousness

In the foundation picture that the Lord gave me at the start of this project, there were several unnamed stones for quite some time....   Read More

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