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Are you, like me, cramming as much into life as possible? I’ve always had this tendency but sometimes it feels like putting gallons of...   Read More


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Variety can be a spice of life! It can be even better than a rest.  However, sometimes we can be busy doing this and...   Read More

Creation is Staggering!

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Whether it’s the brilliance of a sunset or the antics of tiny ants, God’s creation is staggering. The sheer volume of the beauty, variety,...   Read More

Media Muddles

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It’s so easy to get in a muddle and we want to cry ‘Get me out of here’ when our circumstances become overwhelming.  However,...   Read More

Brevity of Life

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Oh to number our days and not waste a single one is what we are encouraged to do in the Bible. Somehow, as one...   Read More


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“We make our plans but God has the final word.” (Proverbs)  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  When we’ve done our best at...   Read More

Beautiful Diamonds

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The human race can reflect God’s beauty as we yield and surrender to our maker. God’s grace then becomes apparent and the beauty of...   Read More


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I’m not so good at this but have asked the Lord to teach me. He wants us in balance and we’re of no use...   Read More


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The Holy Spirit is a prompter.  He nudges, advises, teaches and guides us into the action that God wants. I’ve had experiences recently of...   Read More

Death of a Friend

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  Just heard that dear Arthur Davies died the other week.  A real man of God and such a faithful friend. He was involved...   Read More

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