The Greatest Story Ever Retold

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So read the cover of the Daily Mail Christmas TV guide in the UK. They’ve certainly got that right! The animation of this happens...   Read More

Christmas Buildup

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Christmas hype can start in August (in the UK) but the real problems begin when shops target their wares subtly. All the advertising with...   Read More

The Autumn Statement

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We can each trust God for all our needs that come from the past, the now or into the future. “Jesus Christ is the...   Read More

God’s Love is Massive!

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While studying the life of Jonah in the Bible, I’m really challenged by the way God loved, not only the Israelites, but also the...   Read More

Heart Matters

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Just visited a surgery to check my Mum’s heart on a scan. It was fascinating to see the shape of Mum’s heart (just like...   Read More

What to do when we can’t get our own way!

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Welcome to the human race! How we all have the capacity to insist on our own way. Some of us, myself included, struggle daily with...   Read More

Wisdom – 8 ways

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King Solomon asked God for wisdom and he got a lot more than that! He was given riches and long life, too! That’s how...   Read More


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Congratulations to all you parents who are doing the most important job of all. It might not seem very glamorous or feel very wonderful...   Read More

Good News

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We all love a good story. Sometimes we can get jealous of other people’s success or can fail to join in with celebrations of...   Read More


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How can we trust people? How do we trust God? There is no easy answer but to do it anyway! (Eating is in the...   Read More

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