Good News

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We all love a good story. Sometimes we can get jealous of other people’s success or can fail to join in with celebrations of...   Read More


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How can we trust people? How do we trust God? There is no easy answer but to do it anyway! (Eating is in the...   Read More

7 Reasons for Creation

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There are hundreds of reasons to prove that the creation around us is made by God. Here are a few of them: 1     The...   Read More


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Have you ever stumbled in the dark? It’s quite scary and gets us out of balance and we perceive strange things sometimes yet when,...   Read More


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With all the talk about Scotland leaving the UK, we, as Christians, are reminded about the unity of the Godhead (Father, Son and Spirit) which serves...   Read More


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This was me yesterday! Had a whole day of rest and then wondered how to avoid this again.  I’ve been going at quite a...   Read More

Being Gullible

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I’m gullible and an open book so often but how I need to be discerning and hold back more wisely.  I so easily believe...   Read More

Be still and know

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I’m blessed with this comforting verse from Psalm 46:10 of the Bible. The New Century version says: “Be quiet and know that I am...   Read More

Death isn’t the end

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I was so very sorry to hear about the death of Robin Williams.  Any death is sad but somehow this man made so many...   Read More


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I don’t use the word ‘yearning’ much but when I do, it always creates in me a desire to reach for something. I yearn for...   Read More

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