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This is definitely not something that I am good at but it is a necessary part of life in this busy age we live...   Read More

3 ways that our children can know

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I didn’t really hear and know that God wanted me to follow him until I was 17 years of age. I went to church...   Read More

Going with the Flow?

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It’s easy to go with the flow. Agree with everybody; don’t cause any conflict; steady the boat; be nice all the time; follow the...   Read More

7 reasons for Praying

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It’s often said that ‘prayer changes things’ but I’m convinced that God uses prayer to change people including and especially us who are praying....   Read More

My ‘Daddy’

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Yesterday was a very special day for me as it would have been my dad’s 94th birthday. He sadly died in 1980 but he...   Read More

Mental health for children – 7 suggestions

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There is a lot of talk here in the UK about children being out of balance and suffering from mental health problems.  I have...   Read More


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I’ve literally just heard that a dear friend’s husband died sitting in his chair – most unexpectedly; news from another friend tells me that...   Read More

7 ways to Help Struggling Readers

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I used to teach struggling readers in small groups in many schools up and down the UK. The one thing I noticed was that...   Read More


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Now there’s a question! Many young children love to say this word and many older ones too can be heard to say it in...   Read More


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Here’s a word that makes us look upwards! I immediately think of an eagle soaring through the air currents.Then, I think of the jet...   Read More

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